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Lowongan Kerja KeDA Tech

KeDA Tech - Saat ini membuka lowongan kerja terbaru pada bulan Januari 2021. Adapun di bawah ini adalah posisi jabatan yang saat ini tersedia bagi sobat ruang sipil yang tertarik berkembang dan berkarir bersama KeDA Tech

Lowongan Kerja KeDA Tech
 Lowongan Kerja KeDA Tech
Assosiate Backend Engineer

Tanggung Jawab

  • Analyze and propose a tech design document on various programming projects
  • Analyze and make a tech design decision on which third-party/open-sourced solutions to integrate to the project
  • Develop robust applications suiting to the needs of the company and clients
  • Guide the junior and middle level engineers to tackle new and challenging tech problems
  • Learn from others in the team

Syarat & Keahlian

  • Able to write programs that are scalable, reliable, maintainable, and testable
  • Experience developing programs in multiple programming languages, web frameworks, containers, and datastores
  • Experience in working with AGILE/SCRUM methodology
  • Through understanding of web-related security technologies
  • Good knowledge in NoSQL Databases
  • Good to know Odoo ERP system or Python


  • At least 1-2 years of programming experience
  • Strong programming skills – Being able to analyze and debug problems as well as architechting solutions
  • Strong knowledge of computer fundamentals, including but not limited to algorithms, data structures, and design patterns.
  • Able to code review others’ code.
  • Comprehensive knowledge on different coding languages and when is best to use them. ? Being able to quickly learn new coding language or frameworks
  • Able to code review others’ code
  • Being able to quickly learn new coding language or frameworks
  • Comfortable with developing on Windows and Unix-based systems
  • Comfortable working in teams as well as cross-departmental teamwork
  • Good communication and interpersonal skill to cooperate with the team
  • Strong passion in technology and programming in general

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