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Lowongan Kerja SMART Agribusiness and Food

Lowongan Kerja SMART Agribusiness and Food - As we already knew dear friends of ruang sipil, SMART Agribusiness and Food are a leading, publicly-listed, global seed-to-shelf agribusiness committed to sustainable palm oil production.

Our palm oil plantations cover more than 138,000 hectares (including smallholder farmers). Our primary activities are cultivating and harvesting oil palms, processing fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel, and refining CPO into value-added products such as cooking oil, margarine, and shortening. We own 46 mills and operate 8 downstream facilities that manage refining and kernel crushing operations, across Indonesia.

Besides bulk and industrial oil, our refined products are also marketed under several brands well-loved consumer brands such as Filma and Kunci Mas. Today, these brands have been recognised for their high quality and command significant market share in their respective segments in Indonesia.

Based in Jakarta, we were founded in 1962 and listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1992. A subsidiary of Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), we have Sinar Mas Oleochemical, SMART Research Institute (SMARTRI), and SMART Biotechnology Centre within our operations.

Why join us?
Palm oil and agriculture play a significant role in meeting the growing world population's demands for sustainable and innovative solutions to nutrition, energy and personal care products. As a leading global seed-to-shelf agribusiness, we want talents who are ready to overcome future challenges in this sector, and be part of sustainably feeding and fueling generations.
Lowongan Kerja SMART Agribusiness and Food
Lowongan Kerja SMART Agribusiness and Food.
Construction Assistant Mechanical
Indragiri Hilir
  1. Supervises the day-to-day construction activities of the project.
  2. Report Project status to Construction Manager, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
  3. Monitors and reports the project details to Construction Manager.
  4. Assists the Construction Manager in planning the project.
  5. Assists the Construction Manager in creating the project construction schedule.
  6. Supervises the construction projects and ensures technical specifications are met.
  7. Ensures that construction projects are completed within planned cost and time.
  8. Keeps accurate records of materials and manpower incurred in the construction process.
  9. Monitors the progress of construction work and the performance of subcontractors on site.
  10. Holds regular meetings with site workers and subcontractors.
  11. Ensures that works by subcontractors are done following the required Quality Standard of Project.
  12. Performs Quality Inspections of the work on site.
  13. Ensure Construction Manager’s instructions are followed through by the Contractors and Subcontractors.
  14. Provide written assessments of contractor’s performance to the Construction Manager.
  15. Assists the manager in preparing report to be submitted to stakeholders by providing the necessary information on the construction progress.
  16. Assists Contractors and Contractor Supervisor in interpreting technical designs.
  17. Educates site workers on safety procedures implemented on site and ensures that they strictly adhere to safety standards.
  18. Ensures that the construction site is safe and free from any hazardous chemical or objects.
  19. Reports accidents that occur at the construction site to the Construction Manager.
  20. Administers / ensures that first aid is administered to any injured construction worker.
  21. Ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of work activities at the construction site.
  22. Maintains good relationship with site workers, contractors, and suppliers.
  23. Ensures that any change in project plan is executed by contractors.
  24. Ensures that the project is executed in compliance with the local or state regulations.
  25. Identify any potential problem on site and work to prevent it.
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Project Engineer
DKI Jakarta
  1. Ensure the drawing implementation of project work in accordance with the design master schedule.
  2. Make accurate Bill of Quantity in every design drawing.
  3. Calculate Detail Design based on Project Design Requirement from all units and not exceed the budget that has been set.
  4. Run Safety Regulation in DESIGN accordance with applicable policies.
  5. Ensure the implementation of quality management system.
  6. Follow clarification meeting during tender process with procurement team.
  7. Make technical recommendation under supervision Core Engineering Coordinator.
  8. Job Requirements :
  9. Bachelor degree from reputable university
  10. Civil Engineering Major
  11. Willing to be placed at Thamrin
  12. Having experience in handling project, and design.
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